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Digitize and deliver Contextual Customer Experience. Allow your customers to effortlessly request for quote, receive quotes, track shipments, view their invoices, communicate, view insights, and reports from your branded customer portal accessible across all operating system.

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Leverage technology and data to maximize your customer’s satisfaction with Shipthis’s customer portal.

With Shipthis, you can provide your customers with a unique platform, white-labeled to your own brand, so they always have access to fast and personalized contextual customer service, from anywhere, at any time, and on any device of their choice. We help you stay connected with your customers, deliver a better customer experience, build brand loyalty and maximize customer lifetime value.

Digital Transformation

The Customer Portal transforms you into a 21st-century digital freight forwarder. Shipthis enables you to provide digital services to your customers via a private and secure white-labeled solution embedded in your website, allowing your customers to log on to enter rate requests, receive instant quotations, confirm bookings, attach/view documents, invoices, shipment status, track and trace their shipment, chat functionality, multiple reports, etc. with a comprehensive, easy-to-use dashboard. Shipthis Customer Portal combines real-time, multichannel communication and visibility, helping you put the customer at the center of your operations.

Digital Transformation
Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboard

With Shipthis dashboard, empower your customers with a self-service option, accessible 24/7 on any connected device without any hassle. Shipthis allows you to give more visibility and control, mitigate panicked communications and manage exceptions. Moreover, all data are indexed, contextualized and filtered to ensure your customer's self-service journey is an excellent and effortless experience. Customers can easily and quickly find the answers they need freeing up your contact customer service and reducing your costs and efforts.

Advanced Shipment Management

Shipthis Customer Portal allows customers to see all their shipment activity in one consolidated view. Your customers can effortlessly schedule and track new shipments, manage all their shipment documentation, etc., with a single login. The Customer Portal also provides a complete overview of all shipments, with an in-depth status of each. With Shipthis's efficient filtering technology, customers can quickly locate any past shipments. In addition, customers can receive constant automatic updates through email alerts or push notifications about the status of the shipment, so they always know where their shipment is.

Advanced Shipment Management
Communicate in Context

Communicate in Context

We help you communicate in context, ensuring that your customers can directly ask queries on a particular shipment from the customer portal and receive a quick and efficient response. Optimize and improve customer services by proactively sending alerts to customers via multiple interaction channels such as desktop notifications, email, WhatsApp, SMS, etc. These notifications could span various stages of a shipment cycle so that your customers receive essential status updates based on exactly what they're looking for and avoid dozens of separate email treads for each shipment.

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Glimpse of our Customer Portal

All of your customers are partners in your mission. Empower your customers to effortlessly carry out all their freight related tasks like requesting for a quote, tracking shipments etc from our robust easy to use platform.

  • Single View
  • Simplified Quotation
  • Automated Communication
  • Container Tracking
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Single View

Shipthis's Customer Portal enables your customers to easily manage and access all information related to the shipment in a single view. Your customers can conveniently access data with a single click, so they can stay on top of their queries, documents and shipments without having to navigate between different pages. Enhance customer experience by weaving the look and feel of your brand and build loyalty.

Single View

Embrace the Future of Logistics with Shipthis’s Powerful, Deeply Integrated Solutions in a Single Platform.

Shipthis’s online Freight Forwarding software is built to run your Freight Operations, Accounting, Tracking, Quoting, Rate and Tariff Management, Team Management, Task Assignments, Customer Connectivity and Trade Compliance. We help you transform into a digitized freight forwarding business powered with AI-Driven Automation, Real-Time Information and Visibility.

Freight Forwarding Software

Freight Forwarding Software

Shipthis’s Freight Management ERP is built to boost freight operation efficiency by using smart and automated workflow, task management, and shipment lifecycle tracking.

CRM for Freight Forwarders

Customer Relationship Management

Shipthis’s CRM for freight forwarders helps you gain visibility into sales, marketing, and customer support activities allowing you to focus on improving efficiency and profitability.

Freight Accounting Software


Shipthis offers a full-fledged GAAP compliant Accounting Module optimized for freight forwarding operations allowing you to gain greater insights into your financial performance, all in one place.

Freight Quote Software

Quotation Management

Shipthis’s Quotation Management module allows you to generate and send professional digital quotes to your customers instantly. Display a quotation form on your website for walk in enquiries and integrate all contract rates from carriers.

Freight Rates Online

Tariff and Rate Management

Shipthis’s Tariff and Rate Management module allows you to automate freight rate sheets upload. Easily setup port charges, cartage charges, transportation, fixed charges, document and clearance charges, customer specific charges.

Freight Forwarding Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Shipthis’s Customer Portal enables you to digitize your customer experience. Your customers can request quotes, get quotes, track shipments, view their invoices, send messages and notifications using your own branded mobile/web-app.

Freight Vender Portal

Vendor Portal

Shipthis’s Vendor Portal enables you to manage, connect and network with global suppliers. Streamline all supplier interactions and communications effortlessly and drive improvements to your supply chain.

Freight Forwarding Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management

Shipthis’s Warehouse Management solutions provide automated support to optimize your warehouse operations and enables you to take active control of all goods movement and stocks management with a clear visibility of shipments.

Sales Module

Sales Module

Shipthis’s Sales Management module currently only manages the post sales activity. The new upcoming and updated module will be available soon with features built and optimized to make freight forwarding pre sales process simpler.

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Mobile & Web App for your Customers

Mobile & Web App for your Customers

Shipthis Mobile and Web App solution brings the full spectrum of freight operations at the fingertips of your customers. Get a fully Customizable white-labeled freight forwarding platform, Customer Web portal and Mobile App with your personal branding & logo downloadable from the App Store and Google Play

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Cloud Based Customer Portal to Manage and Interact with your customers in one place.

Shipthis offers a true cloud and web-based, highly configurable, freight management software for freight forwarding, logistics, and supply chain industry. Shipthis customer portal helps next-generation digital freight forwarders provide their customers a unique platform, white-labeled to their brand, so their customers have easy and efficient access to your organization. Provide your customers personalized, and contextual service, from anywhere, at any time, and on any device of their choice. Empower your customers to effortlessly request quotes with a few clicks and receive instant replies directly to their mail, integrated within our platform. Allow your customers to view all their shipments from the dashboard. Send automated push notifications of any changes in the shipment directly to the customer, so they always know where their shipment is. Shipthis ERP, CRM, Quotation, Rate and Tariff Management solutions for freight forwarders, logistics, and supply chain industry help business transform into a digital organization. Shipthis freight forwarding software works best for consolidators, forwarding agents, freight forwarders, freight brokers, couriers, NVOCCs, third-party logistics providers, airlines, and ocean carriers.