About Us

Who Are We


Founded in 2017, registered in Delaware, United States, and with a development office in Bangalore, India


We are a growing team of passionate professionals with backgrounds in the shipping, technology, finance, and logistics industry


Shipthis core team brings with them experience managing logistics for the largest importers & exporters across the globe working for companies including Cisco and Wipro.

We strongly believe freight forwarding software should go far beyond just executing a shipment from A to B and freight forwarding service, it should power continuous innovation and accelerate freight forwarders' growth in the digital world in new normal post COVID-19 world.
Digital Freight Forwarder

Future Freight Forwarding is Digital

Our mission is to help Freight forwarding businesses to Evolve into Digital freight forwarders. Our goal is to empower a resilient future for freight forwarders to thrive in a world defined by disruption and fueled by transformative technology by offering an agile, reliable, easy to use, secure and unified solution that will significantly reduce development time and resources required to keep up with the modern technology and make them successful.


Digitally Interconnected Freight Forwarders

We envisage a future of digitally interconnected freight forwarders, cultivated and leveraged through the digital strength of Shipthis platform to serve their customers’ diverse needs in a connected market place from anywhere in the world.

Our platform encompasses the latest technologies and industry expertise for comprehensive functionality

We’ve built Shipthis as an array of a full-stack cloud-based logistics management solutions to deliver a truly digital, modern, exceptionally greater freight operations experience to their customer. We do this by providing multiple tools like CRM, Customer Web and Mobile apps, Freight Management, Freight Rate Management, Full Featured Accounting, Quotation, and Sales Modules, allowing freight forwarders to streamline their freight operations, communicate and provide real-time shipment visibility to their customers more effectively. We Automate complex business workflows, use AI/ML to predict events, and integrate seamlessly with various different businesses and government bodies for regulatory compliance.

Our customer

We’re global—for you. We work with freight forwarders worldwide, in a variety of cultures and with a variety of management approaches. Our application is extremely customizable and flexible, our customers are typically freight forwarders who are looking for an easy to start, easy to use, robust and adoptable solutions without requiring complex implementation costs, IT structure or upfront fees. Our product continues to be refined and evolved by our customer. in the ever-changing world of logistics to perform their daily tasks efficiently and master future requirements successfully. We are committed to continuously refine and to improve your experience, we are devoted to help our customer succeed by offering them technological and operational autonomy and self-sufficiency. Our clients vouch for us, contact us to put you in touch with any one of your choice across the globe from North America to New Zealand.

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